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Welcome to the ’s server „Terrainfo” which works for demonstration purposes. Here we placed our applications we’re developing and those ones were done so far. The first one in the list called URANIA was developed in 2007. It is a cadastral (and real estate) information system which operated successfully in several main land registry offices of the counties in Hungary and in Tranyslvania too. If you should be glad to know more about it or get an insight view of the program, please contact us ( (joe@geonet, +3630-2285357, Szabó József)

The second application is a continuously developing webGIS system named „The digital map of Mindszent” which is for publishing our test datasets, surveys, and maps. The real estate registry-map of the town can be seen on it ( showing the status of year 2006, the data is not authenticated) with the layers of the First, Second and Third Military Surveys, the topographic maps and a shaded DEM of the area. The symbology and the style of the map commemorates the Comission of the National Cadastral Survey published in 1904 and the DATView cadastral system which is one of the biggest developements of our company and was widely used in the land registry offices of the country.

At the end of the year 2010 our small team proceeded to a large expansion which we „christened” GEOTrike. This is a technology that integrates the mobile (moving) positioning and the spatial data collection techniques into one extensive system. Our strategy and the long-run objectives focus on the spreading of this technology to the public utilization in Hungary. One of the most important details of the spatial data collecting systems equipped with GEOTrike is the ability to recognize objects automatically the capability of the „machine vision” which we also layed emphasis on.

Another idea of our enterprise is the adaptation of the 3D visualization technology into the engineering activities, therefore we made some researches in the area of the autostereoscopic monitors which can help the users to measure in real 3D without wearing any glasses. If you should be glad to know more about this technology, please do not hesitate to contact us!(joe@geonet, +3630-2285357, Szabó József)

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